My name is Mac, and I’m typically known for four things:

1) I’m a co-founder of KiwiNews.

It’s a community-curated media dapp & protocol where 200+ curators pick the best stories about crypto. You can check it out here.


2) I run a popular builders-oriented podcast called Web3 Talks.

In the podcast, I ask web3 builders to share the stories of their projects (how you built this?) & lessons they learned along the way (what worked and what didn’t).

We already have 1,500+ subscribers (mainly web3 founders, devs & operators), and I have already interviewed founders from projects such as Zapper, WalletConnect, Gnosis & over three dozen more.

You can read more about the podcast here.


3) I write essays and deep dives about different realms of crypto.

I typically do it via my blog named Kanfa. You can read my posts here.


4) I help web3 startups increase their userbase and raise funds. 

I have written a comprehensive (and free!) guide, “How to explain what your web3 product does and convince users to try it”.

I also created a free repository of web3 startups’ case studies named Goldmine3.

I also help founders create GTM strategies & plans, as well as designing or re-designing their landing pages, pitch decks, explainer videos, and so on.

During my consultations, I tap into my web2 career experience, where I worked with 100+ startups & 30+ big corps such as Intel, IKEA & Pfizer to improve communications of their internal and external projects. My favorite project from that era was when I worked on a $90M+ investment brochure for a meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia.

You can read more about the consultations here.

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